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The International Coalition Against Human Trafficking is a global grassroots campaign working to combat modern-day slavery and human trafficking in all its insidious forms in every country around the world. Bobby Ray Stacy is its current chief administrator.


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  1. An update of Mrs. Marjorie’s case: A Haitian woman raped in Turks and Caicos and threatened with expulsion.— By Cyrus Sibert – @Reseaucitadelle

    In recent days, @Reseaucitadelle raised the case of an egregious rape case of Haitian national by a Turks and Caicos Judge, Sir Arthur Forbes. The information has been verified by the local press. The territory’s ministry of justice requested that journalists relaying the information establish a difference between a judge and a high ranking personnel of the Labour Court – the equivalent of the chief executive or managing director of the Office of Labour of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Haiti.

    The Island Royal Police Force issued a statement on its Facebook page requesting secrecy of the inquiry into what it calls “allegation of a serious sexual offense” on the ground that no one has been charged yet with any offense.”

    Nevertheless, the Police Commissioner, Mr. Trevor Botting, has confirmed that a man was arrested, and subsequently released on bail. He highlighted the need to preserve the secrecy of the case and prevent speculations, which can affect the investigation.

    It should be noted that police officials have not denied the information that police officers, initially handling the investigation, were transferred and sidelined in order to derail the investigation or at least trample with its results.

    Meantime, the victim is facing enormous pressures. Oddly, her spouse appears to have been instructed to no longer support her economically. In the TC Island, it is quite easy for people to know one another. As a result, it is customary to use a middleman to make a phone call to exert pressure on an immigrant using the threat of expulsion. Family members and personal relationships can be used to cover unlawful activities as acquaintances are afraid of the news breaking to major media outlets for fear of reprisals or jeopardizing their immigration status.

    In addition, the victim has not received any psychological support or humanitarian aid, as required by the protocol in a democratic society with respect for human rights. She only relies on telling her story to members of the Haitian community, who are more concerned about their legal status than lending a helping hand a rape victim.

    Although it is necessary to maintain the “secrecy of the investigation,” it is also important to guarantee the public right to information on this high stake case. Since March 17, 2017, Mrs. Marjorie pressed charges against Mr. Arthur Forbes, and waited silently as she has faith in the Island’s institutions. However, without media outcry, it seems that there’d have been core up while waiting her out.

    The local press has reported that the alleged rapist is a very influential man – a ranking member of the TCI professional group. He holds a powerful position in the Island’s government. @Reseaucitadelle will continue to monitor the case’s progression and will keep the public up to date.

    It is customary that when someone is accused of rape and charges pressed, the perpetrators employ hardball tactics to break their accusers who are devoid to resources to fight in court. Powerful lawbreakers always seek to weaken the case, destroy the evidence, and use deceptive methods to force their accusers to abandon their rights. In this case, Mrs. Marjorie disposes at one text message from the alleged rapist in which, Mr. Arthur Forbes stated that: “No sex, no work permit.”
    There is also a tendency to blame the victims of sexual abuse. In this case, Mrs. Marjorie stands for her basic rights and refused to be serially sexually assaulted by Mr. Arthur Forbes.

    Not only @Reseaucitadelle is tracking the evolution of this case, it will continue to raise awareness, identify the obstacles and will bring the victim’s claims before international bodies. It is clear that in principle of “secrecy” raised by the authorities of Turks and Caicos could be a maneuver to deny Mrs. Marjorie of her fundamental rights. Looking at the pace of progress of Mrs. Marjorie’s complaint, it appears that there exists strong element of double standard. In the West, the institutions have been designed to bring about justice. A point in case refers to the litigation between Mr. Dominique Strauss Kahn, a powerful IMF chief executive who was accused of rape by a maid in a New York hotel; and justice was served. We encourage the Turks and Caicos Island authorities to follow the footsteps of the American Judiciary, designed after the British judicial system.

    PS: It must be stressed that Mr. Forbes is presumed innocent until found guilty.

    Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitian, Haiti
    June 25, 2017
    WhatsApp: 509-3686-9669

    More : http://reseaucitadelle.blogspot.com/2017/06/haitian-rape-victim-in-turks-island.html

    The facebook page of TCI police force: https://www.facebook.com/RTCIPF/

  2. Haitian rape victim in Turks Island threatened with deportation for pressing charges.- (Cyrus Sibert, @ReseauCitadelle, #Haiti)

    Marjorie, about 40 years old, is a courageous woman. Instead of cowering in fear, she has spoken out against her alleged rapist. We have refrained from revealing the full name of the victim who has pressed charges against Mr. Arthur Forbes, a practicing judge of the Turks Island Labor Court. The victim alleged to having been raped four times by Mr. Forbes.

    Having come to the Island legally, the victim worked with Judge Forbes’ elderly parents since her arrival in 2015. Mr. Forbes took advantage of her and raped her on four different occasions. She has allegedly contracted an STD from Mr. Forbes.

    In the filing documents, Mrs. Marjorie alleges having contemporaneously reported the repeated sexual assaults to her husband. The couple remained silence for fear of reprisals by the Magistrate of the Turks Island Labor Court. The judge continuously forced them into silence with threats of deportation and/or incarceration.

    Ultimately, Mrs. Marjory decided to speak out against her alleged aggressor. Panicked, the judge sent her a threatening text message in which he pledged to have her work permit revoked in addition to having her expelled from the Island: “No sex, no more work permit.”

    According to the police report, during each rape episode, Mr. Forbes reminded Mrs. Marjorie that Haiti is a poor, miserable and filthy country and that it would be better to remain quiet instead of having to return to Haiti unwillingly.

    Nevertheless, on March 17, 2017, Ms. Marjorie revolted and filed a formal complaint against Judge Arthur Forbes. Following her complaint to the police, officials launched a judicial investigation. A hearing is set for July.

    In the meantime, Mr. Forbes, the Magistrate, is using his influence to have the victim expelled to Haiti. It has been reported that Mr. Forbes is seeking to have the police officers working on the case transferred and replace them with his protégés.

    The victim is in limbo.

    With a widespread practice of rape of Haitian women going unpunished in the Turks and Caicos Island, this case provides an opportunity to set an example and send a strong message to rapists and sexual predators. They must understand that in a globalized world, basic human rights must be guaranteed.

    So far, we hail the work of the Turks Island police, who have placed Mr. Forbes under arrest. It is understood that Mr. Forbes has made bail pending trial. In all fairness, were it a Haitian judge, the outcome, up to this point, might have been quite different.

    Nonetheless, given Mr. Forbes’ stature, we believe that the victim needs our support. We call on everyone to support this Haitian national who decided to say NO against all odds and the likely consequences of standing up for her basic right by serving a powerful man.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should provide adequate assistance to this woman in need in this neighboring island.

    PS: It must be stressed that Mr. Forbes is presumed innocent until found guilty.

    Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
    10 juin 2017
    WhatsApp: 509-3686-9669


  3. Hello my name is Richard Dey and im working with the new Swedish green political party: Naturens Parti.
    I wounder if we can use the picture: Teen prostitutes watching the weeds grow in Oklahoma City, to describe the big problems with our society today?

    Have a nice day! Best regards Richard Dey.

    • Sorry for replying late to this solicitation, Richard,
      but I do not hold the copyright to any of the images
      used on this site but simply post them up in the spirit
      of “Fair Use” and Creative Commons. This is a not-for-
      profit blog which has never generated one cent of in-
      come in any respect, we are simply broadening aware-

      In that respect I am neither able to permit you nor deny
      you the use of any of the images you find here on this
      website, but will simply advise you to use your own dis-
      cretion and best judgment.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting and the best of
      luck to you in all your endeavors.


  4. Wilma de Waal said:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a publisher working at Namibia Publishing House in Namibia, Southern Africa. We specialise in publishing school textbooks for Namibian schools. I wish to request permission to use the photograph from this homepage in one of the chapters of Life Skills Grad 7 Learner’s Book. It is a chapter about Human trafficking and slavery. Could you please advise regarding permission and copyright. Thank you kindly. Wilma de Waal

    • Hey Wilma,

      Sorry for replying late to this solicitation.
      I do not hold the copyright to any of the im-
      ages used on this site but simply post them up
      in the spirit of “Fair Use” and Creative Com-
      mons. This is a not-for-profit blog which has
      never generated one cent of income in any res-
      pect, we are simply broadening awareness here.

      In that respect I am neither able to permit you
      nor deny you the use of any of the images you
      find here on this website, but will simply advise
      you to use your own discretion and best judg-

      Thank you for visiting and commenting and the
      best of luck to you in all your endeavors.


  5. Added to my blogroll and next month’s treasure map. Keep up the good work


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